By Beverley F. Searle

The Boy Who Thought He Was A Dog

Inspiring True Stories of healing the mind

This ebook could very likely change your life. While the case studies (inspiring true stories) briefly outlined here are not designed to give you comprehensive details of how the ‘My Envisioned Mind’ (My.EM) process works, they do offer you a view of the wide range of emotional and psychological states into which Beverley Searle’s clients had found themselves locked and were seeking release from.

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Beverley F. Searle

In her early forties, after a series of devastating events, Beverley started having overwhelming flashbacks from her childhood. The medical model offered medication and advise that she would need to be on them for the rest of her life. She constantly said to herself “There must be something better than this, there must be a better way” but in her search to get well she could not find anything.

So, she set about find her own cure to her Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID): at 48 she went to university. 9 years later with 4 degrees, where she specialised in the results of childhood trauma; she was on the road to finding personality theories and the latest research on Post traumatic Stress Disorder (which DID is).

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Here is Neil’s story in his own words:

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What People Are Saying About Me

I am in my eighties and have had a series of traumas in my life, beginning with very severe child abuse, then domestic violence in my marriage. After a murder attempt, I left taking the children with me. I had prolonged stress due to raising five children on my own. This was at a time when pensions were unavailable and I was forced to take on three jobs at a time, in menial labour, (due to my isolated farm upbringing I had no job skills), to support my children and myself. I completed My Envisioned Mind and that changed my life and my appearance. All my friends and family do not believe my age from my face. Since then I have undertaken two further sessions, I met and healed my ‘chronic worryier, and my concept of being a ‘victim’.

I now have peace of mind for the first time in my life. I am thrilled with the results and would recommend this process to anyone at any age.

    – E. R. North Adelaide

As a friend of Beverley, she often talked about her research and work. She offered it to me but I believed that it would not work! How could changing pictures in my head change my life, I could not see it happening. She gently steered me toward giving it a go. I was still very skeptical and I can’t believe the difference it has made. Before doing the My Envisioned Mind I was a frightened little girl stuck in the abuse. Since 14 years old1 have been self-harming until Beverley changed this. I have been hospitalized more times than I can count over the 23 years I was mentally ill. I have had 7 diagnoses, have been on over 15 types of medication and have seen psychiatrists and psychologists since I was 14. Three years ago 1 was a confused, depressed and anxious woman. Through Beverley’s work 1 have become calmer and am an achiever. I have gone back to school and have successfully completed all subjects I have attempted at year 12 level. I am at the stage of realising my dream; to become a writer.

Without the My Envisioned Mind, I would not be where I am today, 1 would still be in the ‘revolving door syndrome1 in the mental health hospital system. One of my proudest moments was to hold a party last year to celebrate my 5 years out of the hospital, which is the longest I have ever been in 26 years.”

– L.T.

Since undertaking My Envisioned Mind’s imaginative and mindful guidance I have gone on to return to my actual potential. As a firefighter and rescue technician I was on the verge of remaining a broken man and have since been returned to my now grown families fold as a father and a good man. Faith in ourselves and what we contribute to this world is a value I hold dear and the program was important to my healing. My downfall was environmental and this inner journey recovered my outer well being.

My Envisioned Mind made successful recovery a personal choice and offered me a well-constructed pathway home.

 – R. McFarlane

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