Experiencing the My Envisioned Mind Process

A research paper by Udall DeOleo, Spring 2017


After interviewing Searle for my radio show, I entered the My Envisioned Mind process as a participant and assessor.  Even though I entered the process from a scholarly examination perspective, I entered fully engaged with a focus on healing and releasing any residual trauma from anything that hinders my success, including trauma from my divorce, a previous on-again-off-again relationship, childhood issues, etcetera.   Superficially, My.EM. appears similar to other healing modalities I have experienced.  However, my intrigue with the process’s depth, speed and lack of intrusiveness piqued my curiosity to become a willing participant.

This paper examines the theoretical foundation of the My Envisioned Mind process and provides a general overview of its development.  A brief description of my journey through the nine steps of the process demonstrates aspects of the methodology.

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MyEM Theory by Udall D