The Boy Book Paperback


This exciting new book has implications for the mental health sector. In this book you will read inspiring true stories of people overcoming and alleviating a whole plethora of disorders in young and old; from Anorexia to Voices in the head: and they all got well!

You will find out why a 9-year-old boy was too scared to sleep in his own bed. How Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was affecting a fireman so much that he could not work anymore and it had destroyed his personal relationships. You will meet a woman who spent 24 years in and out of mental hospitals, who overcame her 6 mental health diagnosis’s, and has accomplished her life’s dream. Anorexia which had dogged a woman from the age of 14 to 32 was able to find the root cause and heal this in 10 hours of therapy.

This and other inspiring true stories demonstrate the mind’s plasticity: that the subconscious can be accesses safely in a gentle and powerful way by the My Envisioned Mind process. It does this by removing past traumas and limiting beliefs so that the life you want can be achieved: that nothing is set in ‘concrete’ in your mind, trauma and adversities experienced with the resulting depression, stress and anxiety can be healed and alleviated from your mind. The implications of Beverley Searle’s esoteric counselling process have allowed those with so called incurable mental health disorders like Bi-polar and schizophrenia, to have them alleviated so they could move onto a fulfilling life.