Anorexia Kit

SAADness Kit

This empowering technique puts you in the driver seat. Not a therapist but YOU!

An online course you can do in the comfort of your own home that will provide the techniques to assist you on your road to managing the way you think, act and process conditions of your life. This step by step process has a personal record book, MP3, and video to help alleviate negative behaviors and patterns.
Simply click on the kit that suits you best. There is a whole range to choose from.
NOTE: if your condition is really serious, please contact one of our qualified practitioners for one on one consultations. Our consultants are trained professionals in mental health and deal with clients with many kinds of issues.

Coming Soon :

– Wellness kits for mental health caused by trauma/abuse
– P.T.S.D. Depression Anxiety Stress Anger
– Bulimia
– Hearing voices Mood Disorders Schizophrenia
– Phobias/panic Agoraphobia Hoarding


Note: if you have a disorder not mentioned please get in touch as Beverley is continually researching and let her know.

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