Research has now shown that between 5-10% of the population has a genetic mutation which does not allow them to absorb vital nutrition: folic acid, zinc, Biotin, Omega 6 fat, and many ‘B’ vitamins, to name a few.

All of the above are vital for good mental health!

At present there are two genetic mutations which have been identified! Pyrrole and MTHFR. Some of the symptoms are: depression and mood disorders, low tolerance to stress, panic attacks, anxiety, anger etc.

Pyrrole Disorder or Pyroluria, Krytppyrroles as it is often called can be diagnosed with a simple urine test. See your doctor or health professional to have this checked and then the necessary supplements can be provided to overcome this disorder.

MTHFR can be diagnosed with a kit which gives you the test material, obtained over the internet, or approach your health professional to be tested.

My recommendation is for you to go on Google and do your own research, and then make an educated decision as to whether you have the symptoms of this disorder and obtain the test. Or take this knowledge to your health professional to get the test done: many do not know of MTHFR, so you will need to take your research with you to your appointment with them.

So by overcoming these disorders and being able to absorb the correct nutrition you are on your way to good mental health.

But remember as we have all experienced adversity/trauma in our lives, alleviating these through the My Envisioned Mind will finally give you mental wellness.