The Study Concludes…

“The My.EM process alleviates work-related PTSD … the results are ground-breaking.”




Work-Related Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder:
Efficacy of the My.E.M. Process for Healing

Udall Siraj and Beverley F. Searle Abstract Objective

This study sought to determine the efficacy of the My Envisioned Mind, an alternative process for treatment and healing of PTSD as an intervening treatment for workplace trauma.


An experimental study with 10 participants from the United States and Australia using the DASS21, PCL-CL as pre-and post-assessments and the 10-hour MyE.M. process as the experimental intervention.


Post-assessment results indicated all participants had a decreased PTSD score under 50 points on the PCL-C with an improvement percentage of 73%. Post MYE.M. intervention DASS21 scores were within the normal ranges for depression, anxiety, and stress with an improvement of 82% for Depression, 77% Anxiety and 86% for Stress.


Study results yielded sufficient evidence to indicate the MyE.M. process alleviates work-related PTSD and residual symptoms. Such results are ground-breaking and places the MyE.M. process as a possible contributor to the healing of work-related PTSD.

Keywords: PTSD, Complex PTSD, Trauma, MyE.M., My Envisioned Mind, Post-traumatic stress disorder, stress, work-related stress, occupation stress, work place violence, anxiety, work-related PTSD

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Some call her a savant.


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