Assessments: DASS-21


The rating scale is as follows:

0: Did not apply to me at all 
1: Applied to me to some degree, or some of the time
2: Applied to me to a considerable degree, or a good part of time 
3: Applied to me very much, or most of the time


Please read each statement and select a number 0, 1, 2 or 3 that indicates how much the statement applied to you over the past week. There are no right or wrong answers. Do not spend too much time on any statement, but please answer each question.


This assessment does not itself indicate a diagnosis. To determine any potential diagnosis, discuss your results with your doctor or a qualified mental health provider.

Your results will be anonymous unless you wish to receive an email version of your results for your own records. In this case you will receive a list of your responses to each question at the email address indicated.