Are you looking for a drug free depression treatment which really works? Are you looking for a drug free depression treatment which really works? You just want to get rid of your depression once and for all…

Are you sick and tired of living with that black cloud over your head? Or the ‘black dog’ walking with you everywhere you go?

Perhaps the drugs you have been proscribed leave you flattened with no happiness in sight?

Have you been feeling this way for years and losing hope that you will ever get well?

Well I know how you feel. I suffered for years this way. I was able to push through this on occasions and get myself to university where I studied everything I could to find the causes of depression. I eventually came to a conclusion and it may sound simplistic but there are 2 causes

  • adversities/traumas
  • bad nutrition

Let’s look at adversity; all that bad stuff you lived with, in childhood, through your teenage years, which followed you into adulthood. This is all stored in the emotional part of your brain called the Limbic System and keeps all those bad events and negative emotions constantly there in your day to day life.

The process I developed My Envisioned Mind allows you in a gentle and powerful way to access these negative events/emotions and take them out of your Limbic system and you are then free of these for the rest of your life!

 Sound too good to be true?

Well it works. Everything I learnt and the process I developed was done in my mind first. I adjusted and expanded this embryonic process in my own mind until I got well! Then my friends and relatives wanted to do it as they saw my joy returning to my life. This led to the development of My Envisioned Mind.

So what about the nutrition side of depression?

Our ‘gut’ (digestive system) has more neurons that the brain! It produces more serotonin than the brain (serotonin is the ‘happy endorphin) If you are not eating the food your gut needs to convert into serotonin and other vitamins and minerals or utilise the Omega 3/9 oils needed: this will result in your depression being exasperated.

Also if you gut is not digesting the food then you cannot get this nutrition! If you have been eating ‘junk foods’ white flour products and loads of sugar containing products your gut can be coated with all this undigested plague! This needs to be removed; your gut cleansed.

It is so important that you take control of your eating.

I have an ebook titled ‘The Body/Mind Connection and Why Stress Kills.’

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