Home Practice sessions
Maintaining your relationship with your housekeeper/caretaker


  1. Fly in and land at your property, walk to the gate.
  2. Using your security, open the gate and close it behind you.
  3. Walk up to your home checking that the fences and your spiritual protection are secure. Repair and reinforce if they are damaged, make sure that any maintenance of your home and property is taken care of.
  4. Greet your housekeeper/caretaker.
  5. Ask if she/he or the other sub-personalities need anything, and if there is anything you need to discuss together.
  6. Arrange for all the needs to be met using your wand/staff and discuss with your housekeeper/caretaker ways of reinforcing these in the outside world.
  7. Arrange for your housekeeper/caretaker to oversee any healing using the diamante healing processes.
  8. Take some time for yourself in your retreat. This is a great opportunity for some time out and a gentle healing shower, spa, or time under the waterfall.
  9. Say goodbye, give a hug and return to the gate.
  10. Stand before the gate and state “On the understanding that everything has been done correctly and it is safe to leave’ Use your security if the gate opens, leave your property. If it does not open it means that the session you have just done is not complete.
  11. Return to the housekeeper/caretaker and ask why the gate will not open. Do what is required and return to the gate.
  12. If the gate opens, walk to the plane and fly back.
  13. If the gate does not open repeat 10 and 11 until it does.

The mind body connection

It is highly recommended that you have a blood test to investigate which vitamins, minerals, neurotransmitters and hormones are lacking or out of balance in your body. And then use supplements to address these issues. Also what you are eating should include foods which contain these essential elements for your good health.

David Horrobin, most renowned for his research into evening primrose oil, stated that there was strong evidence the those with an eating disorder can be tryptophan deficient, tryptophan is the brain’s ‘happy’ neurotransmitter that also helps control appetite. (Holford, Patrick. Optimum nutrition for the mind.)


You have completed the foundation of the My Envisioned Mind. Many people who have had long term issues may have developed complex needs. With this in mind you may wish to take advantage of the Skype sessions with an assigned trained consultant. Please book a free consultation to discuss your 3 or 6 month package: https://myenvisionedmind.com/schedule/


Please keep this Self Help Kit!

As life throws up adversities, as you encounter them you can use these techniques to heal any negativity which develops; as well as any ‘pictures’ you may have stored. The techniques of My Envisioned Mind Introductory kit are there in your mind for you to access any time. Keep in touch with your ‘Housekeeper/coach’ they are always there to assist /counsel throughout your life’s journey.

Below are Self-Assessment form and Workbook for you to fill again. Remember, you filled them while starting the course as well. Please fill them again, compare and check the improvements in you.

Self-Assessment Form: https://myenvisionedmind.com/f/dass-42-form/